Samsung launch New rugged Phone with a modern design in USA

Samsung launched a new rugged phone with a modern design in the USA. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro is now available in the US for $500. The phone is starting on the Verizon network with support for the carrier’s Push To Talk Plus service. Later on, the Microsoft Teams software will be updated to support the Walkie Talkie feature.

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Another incoming update will enable the second SIM slot on the phone. Microsoft Teams already supports Shifts, Tasks and Praise, which helps managers organize teams. The phone has Pogo pins for charging so you can put it on a dock at the end of your shift and it will be ready for the next shift. The software natively supports being shared by two employees and if heavy use depletes the 4,050mAh battery before the day is over, it can easily be swapped out with a spare.

The phone has a built-in camera based bar code scanner and is compatible with several laser-based scanner accessories that can turn this into a mobile point of sale system. There’s also NFC with enhanced security and reliability features, including EMV Level 1 (stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa).

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The Galaxy Xcover Pro can go out in the field with you as it is rated for drops from 1.5m heights and can survive 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes. The 6.3” 1080p+ AMOLED screen has a Glove mode and can detect touches from wet fingers. There are also two programmable keys, which can act as shortcuts for the most commonly used functions.

Rugged Samsung x cover pro
Rugged Samsung x cover pro

The phone is available online through Samsung, Verizon and Microsoft (as well as other distributors) can buy unlocked. Brick and mortar stores will get it soon. Samsung commits to keeping the Xcover Pro available for at least two years and releasing security updates for it for three years. It is not same as Galaxy Xcover FieldPro which launched earlier this month.

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