SAP to Provide Data Analytics for EPICENTER Major Dota 2

SAP, the German enterprise application software leader, became the official partner of the EPICENTER Major Dota 2 series. It’s a new beginning for EPICENTER series as it’s the first time the brand acquired an international IT brand for e-sports teams. The company’s technology assembles and illustrates in-game data like net worth*, patch records, and other real time results. It helps connect the records to esports tournament broadcasts. This allows observers and broadcasters to experience the broader picture and get a better understanding of less regular games such as Dota 2.

Watch and Listen to Milan Cerny: How Important is Esports Data?

Milan Cerny, The Partner Manager and Innovation lead at SAP states, “The goal to continue providing content to followers of the Dota Pro Circuit by adding in-game context and data analysis to enhance the experience during each game. ES Force Holding Commercial Director, Alexander Kim, was quoted, “It is inconceivable to imagine modern games without detailed statistical analysis. Accurate information processing is essential to distinguished achievements and enhances the decision-making skills of the user.” He further added products offered by SAP to e-sports are designed to increase the broadcast quality of significant tournaments and elevate e-sports industry to an entirely new level.

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Unlike traditional sports, e-sports function with an enormously higher amount of data. SAP has produced a cloud-based analytics platform, allowing e-sports to review their ‘opponents’ in-game strategies. Everything from ‘players’ hero, picks and bans, win ratios, etc. Viewers would be able to streamline the replay review in another function of SAP esports application. The program auto will automate a range of time-consuming process due to its data-handling framework.

Epicenter SAP
Epicenter SAP

Esports specializes in organizing international tournaments. It is also the organizer of EPICENTER series in CS: GO and Dota 2 in Saint Petersburg and Moscow throughout 2016-2018. Dota 2 series was regarded as the biggest Live Entertainment event by a prominent European award EUBEA 2016.

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