Selena: The Series Season 2 shall premiere soon! Here are the release date and more updates!

Biopics are always in the first place to enjoy a wider viewership! Watching the life of a legend who has walked on the earth, flesh and blood seems to offer a voyeuristic pleasure to the audience even if it is repeatedly denied and vehemently opposed. Such is the gripping impact that ‘Selena:The Series’ had on its audience. They never missed a chance to take a dekko at the life of their favorite singer ‘Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’ transformed on to the screen; a life full of mystery, imbued with both success and failure.

After streaming season 1, the mini web series mustered a response of both approval and disapproval since the show pictured a discrepant exhibition of Selena’s life. Many claimed that even though the series was based on ‘Selena’ she was nowhere to be seen. The character of Selena appeared to be muted in ‘Selena: The Series’ when transformed onto the screen. However, the cliffhanger ending that season 1 has offered made the viewers inquisitive and anxious about season 2.

What Netflix failed to capture in the biopic 'Selena The Series'
What Netflix failed to capture in the biopic ‘Selena The Series’

Selena: The Series season 1 arrived on Netflix on Dec. 4, with its first nine episodes failed to narrate the whole story of Selena Quintanilla’s life. It is to be continued. Season 1 revolved around the late Tejano singer’s upbringing, family life, and role in the Quintanillas’ Selena y Los Dino’s family band, ending on a major cliffhanger. Now, what next? Will there be a season? If yes, when?

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‘Selena:The Series’ Season 2: All about release date, cast and plot!

Recently rumors are piling up like anything about the part two project of ‘Selena:The Series’. However, the streamer hasn’t announced an exact release date yet, but filming on the second (and final) part of the show has already wrapped filming, according to a recent L.A. Times interview with Christian Serratos, who plays Selena.

When the first season gave an upper hand to her band and family, the fans hopefully are expecting more of Selena’s part. In season 2 one may get to see Selena’s awe-inspiring rise to national and global fame in the final years of her life. Also the second pat will be embellished with a bit of melodrama with dramatizations of Selena’s elopement with Pérez in 1992, the launch of her side gig as a fashion designer, her ground-breaking win at the 1994 Grammy Awards, and, sadly, her March 1995 murder at the hands of Yolanda Saldívar, a close friend and the president of her fan club.

There shouldn’t be any major changes to the cast between seasons—especially since they’re all pretty much perfect matches for their real-life inspirations—besides the introduction of an as-yet-unnamed actor to play Saldívar. Let’s keep our senses wide open for more updates!

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