Sexual Assault From HGTV Pilot Start to 10-Year-Old Girl

HGTV pilot Star has been declared the risk of injury to a minor and fourth-degree sexual molestation.

Christopher Dionne was found ashamed of assaulting the 10-year-old friend of his daughter in a New London, Connecticut court.

He was released on a $100,000 bond until his sentencing appearance, set for Dec.11.

Dionne also appeared in Family Flip, which aired for one episode in 2015. a spokesperson from the network said in a statement that, “The individual referenced appeared in a pilot that premiered on our network in 2015”.

Watch: Facts Revealed About the Sexual Molestation of Minor

“The pilot was not picked up for series.” A&E also debar the production on a show featuring Dionne.

The incident that led to the conviction happened during a sleepover at Dionne’s house.

The victim child,12-years-old, said Dionne touched her inappropriately under her clothing while during a birthday sleepover.

A few Days back Christopher Dionne starred in a one-shot HGTV pilot called Family Flip, has been custody and charged with the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl in November at his home in Old Lyme, CT.

36-year-old Christopher Dionne has been charged by Connecticut State Police with fourth-degree sexual molestation and risk of injury to a child.

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The girl claimed he touched her unnecessary when she was sleeping at his house in November for a party and claimed he said something bad during an incident a couple of months earlier.

The unknown victim’s mother contacted the police on November 27. She stated that her daughter told her Dionne was touching her buttocks when she woke up in the middle of the night on his couch, according to state police, and then touched her chest and took a photo as he held her shirt up. He performed the alleged incidents twice, several hours apart. Two other children allegedly were sleeping in the same room when it occurred.

The victim added to the police that there was the same incident happened in September, when Dionne asked the girl if she wanted to kiss his genitals, according to state police.

Christopher Dionne
Christopher Dionne

yet now it’s uncertain that why the girl was at his house or what the relationship with the family is about.

For his part, Dionne accepted an encounter with the girl but rebuffed her when she started rubbing his stomach, telling her, “That’s big girl stuff,” state police added.

Reports show that Dionne was in Santa Monica filming the TV show House Rescue with his twin brother until December 22.

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