Shannon Elizabeth celebrating her 47th Birthday

The American actress and model, Shannon Elizabeth Fadal turns 47 today.  Shannon is an environmentalist and vegan. Her Instagram posts are mostly related to environment-related themes and she is an activist too.

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Elizabeth also shared the photo of her friends celebrating her birthday.

Currently, Shannon runs the non-profit animal rescue organization that was co-started in 2001, Animal Avengers and lives in Cape Town.

Shannon was born in Houston, Texas. Her father was a person of Lebanese Arab-Christian origin and mother is of German, English and Irish ancestry. She was raised in Waco, Texas and graduated from Waco High School in 1991. Elizabeth worked as a model for Ford & Elite models before she began a career in film.

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Shannon worked as a model for Ford & Elite models before she began a career in film. She had acted in comedy films such as American Pie, Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And had also played many roles in horror movies like Jack Frost, Thirteen Ghosts, Cursed, and Night of the Demons.

Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon was also described as a sex symbol for her role in the comedy film American Pie. She sang for the first time on camera in the film Love Actually and in Catch a Christmas Star. 

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