‘Shark Tank’: Codi Storytelling Robot bags $ 500,000 deal with Robert Herjavec Fans are eager whether ‘Alexa will buy it out’

The charming 8.5 Inch tall figure is a multi-talented robot Codi that tells stories, builds good routines, and can be a great DJ for your kids who are in a mood of fun.

Codi the storytelling robot developed by Pillar Learning, the adorable 8.5-inch tall figure is a multi-talented robot that plays classic children’s songs to make the kids active while having fun. A flagship product of Pillar Learning, the educational tech startup was founded by Dayu Yang, Chirs Oslebo, and William Mock and it managed to grab many eyeballs on ‘ Shark Tank’.

Codi the “Shark Tank”

Codi also reminds some Shark Tank fans of Trobo, the plush storytelling toy robot that was pitched on the show in 2016. The company accepted a $ 166,000 investment from Robert Herjavec for 33 percent with a contingency-that they could get a licensing deal with Dreamworks.

Hire Santa Shark Tank
Hire Santa Shark Tank

Robert said to the three, I believe in you guys,” and offered them a $500,000 investment for a 25% stake. At first, they tried to negotiate the offer down to 20% but agreed to 25% soon after.

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Many of the fans on Twitter reacted for the same 

“Wow. @robertherjavec was out and then he came back AND was able to make a deal with @pillarlearning1? Insane. Love this,” One tweet. Insane. Loved it. Congrats to everyone who got deals! Congrats to everyone who got deals! Abs to those that didn’t I wish you well.”

Many other fans had a bizarre question that whether “Alexa would buy the Codi out because of its smart #Shark Tank,” One tweet. Another user posted, “ Sharktank Alexa for kids is Codi that Cool # Shark Tank. “ And one more said,” I’m confused about how Codi works. Not good to be confused. @ ABC Shark Tank #Shark Tank.” 

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