The shocking incident in Oregon: Man Survived

A surfer had a shocking incident of a shark attack on Sunday at 3.30pm off the cost of Seaside ,Oregon as per John Rahl who was there with the City of Seaside. He said the shark bite was reported shortly before 3.30 pm at a place known as “The Cove”. Rahl said the bystanders had already pulled the injured man out of the water by the time Seaside Fire and a Medix crew arrived on site soon after being called. They transported the victim to the local trauma hospital.

The man sustained non-fatal injuries to his lower leg, officials said. Before the rescue members arrived at the scene, a lifeguard at Seaside Beach already applied a field tourniquet to his leg to prevent excess blood loss according to the officials. The department said, “the incident serves as a valuable reminder to never recreate alone in water.” They also added that,” the fast response of fellow surfers and off duty security guard was instrumental in providing aid to the victim.”

Similiar shocking incidents

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, which tracks shark attacks around the world, Oregon has recorded a total of 28 shark attacks since 1974.Florida leads the world with 852 shark attacks, according to the database. In 2017, multiple shark sightings were reported off the Oregon Coast in places including Pacific City and Cannon Beach. One surfer had even reported seeing a shark’s mouth and feeling it bump her board.

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In 2016 a 29 yr old surfer had survived a shark attack with severe injuries to his upper thighs and lower leg. Although shark sightings are uncommon off the Oregon coast,when they actually occur,signs are posted near the relevant beaches. Many sharks live off the Oregon coast including seven-gill, leopard and spiny dogfish sharks which can be found in the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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