People are Questioning the Shooting that Killed a -Year-Old Man in Philadelphia

27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. was shot and killed on Philadelphia street Monday afternoon after yelling at him to drop his knife. The shooting occurred before 4 p.m as the police officers were responding to a report of a person with a weapon.

27-Year-Old Shot Dead in Philadelphia

Police Spokesperson Tanya Little said that the 2 police officers were called to the Cobbs Creek neighborhood and encountered the man with a knife in his heart.

A video shot by one of the bystander and was posted online went viral, showing two officers pointing guns at Mr. Wallace as he walks in the street and around a car. The officers are seen yelling at him to put his gun down. After which, they both fired several shots at Wallace, and he collapsed to the ground. A woman runs up to him, screaming.

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This video has made people question the action of the police officers. Many are asking about the need of using a gun over him, when they could have used Tasers, they say that the police could have compromised him with tasers. Several others commented about Philadelphia shooting that the officers made several shots which were unnecessary, they could have taken him down with one or two shots without risking Wallace’s life.

27-Year-Old Shot Dead in Philadelphia
27-Year-Old Shot Dead in Philadelphia

One Twitter user commented “He has a knife you have guns and a taser. It’s obvious he has a mental issue but because he’s black he’s a threat. Why not use a taser on him? I just don’t understand it. Then to you that support the police actions obviously have never had any sort of run-in with the Law!!!”

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