‘Smash the Vote’- says Alicia Keys!

The times are getting harder in US. Election tolls are ringing all over. In this context the US celebrities seems to do their part and attempts to ensure their role as dutiful citizens. Recently this very attempt to exhibit the loyalty to their country was discovered through an Instagram post by Alicia Keys.

The great punch video by the American singer Alicia Keys in the wake of elections has caught the public eye. The star spotted in a dark green work-out ensemble pull out her energy for hitting the ballot. The blooper video was followed by her statement that energized and encouraged her fan base to follow her and assure their active engagement in the process of choosing their leader.


Now is the time to bring that ENERGY!!!!!

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Through the video snippet she urges the people out there that it’s high time that we must make our move. The post was flooded with positive responses from her followers. Indeed an energetic manoeuvre.

Alicia Keys’ ‘Punching Vote’ video gets viral!

Alicia Keys and her NEW DATE is no longer a secret
Alicia Keys and her NEW DATE is no longer a secret

Alicia Keys is an American sing-songwriter who is known for her Columbia Records that took her to the so world of music at the age of 15. This was followed by her various albums like ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys’, ‘As I Am’, ‘The Element of Freedom’ and many others that has made her popular to the fullest.

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