Sophia Loren marked her legendary return with ‘The Life Ahead’!

After a long period of retirement from the world of limelight, the highly efficient actress Sophia Loren is all set to make her re-entry through her brand new movie ‘The Life Ahead’! In a career that spans 70 years, Sophia’s performance in “The Life Ahead” can be considered as a standout. Debuting this week on Netflix, it is her first film in a decade.

Sofia Villani Scicolone
Sofia Villani Scicolone

The movie which is based on ‘The Life Before U’s, a critically-acclaimed novel by Romain Gary, shall be aired on Netflix and it articulates about a resilient woman’s relationship with a boy who is struggling to find his feet in his new country. Set in Bari, a coastal city in Southern Italy, the movie charts Madame Rosa’s attempts to look after Momo.

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In the movie, Sophia plays Madame Rosa, the main character who encounters a new set of challenges upon allowing Momo (Ibrahima Gueye) to live in her apartment — which doubles as a shelter for the children of sex workers. Directed by Sophia’s younger son, Edoardo Ponti, ‘The Life Ahead’ also can be calculated as one among the actress’s mightily impressive oeuvre, including movies like ‘Yesterday Today Tomorrow’ and ‘Marriage Italian Style.’

Sophia Loren plays Madame Rosa’s role in ‘The Life Ahead.’

When asked about her return the actress seems to be equally enthusiastic as her fans. “It was time for me to start again at my age. But it’s fun. It’s fun. It’s wonderful.” She also added that the primary reason behind her decision to mark her re-entry is that the character of Madame Rosa stood in close resemblance with her mother. The character Madame Rosa lives on the margins of Italian society, much like Loren did growing up in poverty with an unmarried, single mom in a suburb of Naples.

“That’s why I made the film – she reminded me a lot about my mother,” Loren said. “My mother was absolutely like that. Inside she was very fragile, but she looked strong.”

As per the latest reports ‘The Life Ahead’ will become available on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020.

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