South Korean Pop Star Goo Hara has passed away at 28!

SEOUL, South Korea – K-pop star and TV celebrity Goo Hara has died at 28 in her home on Sunday.

Goo Hara the 28-year-old dead at her home in southern Seoul says Police and then reported it to authorities.

The cause of death was unknown. Police declined to provide further details.

Goo begins her carrier in 2008 as a member of the girl group Kara, which had huge followings in South Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

She then worked as a solo artist and presented on many TV shows as well.

Watch to know the real Reason: The death of Goo Hara came with a blow

According to the Reports In May, Goo was found unconscious at her home and hospitalized.

She was embroiled last year in public disputes with her ex-boyfriend who alleged to be assaulted by her.

Goo blamed the man for having threatened to spread a sex video of her.

Goo Hara
Goo Hara

The case made her the subject of tabloid fodder and malicious online messages.

In October, another K-pop star and actress named Sulli was also found dead at her home near Seoul.

The 25-year-old Sulli was famous for her feminist voice and outspokenness that was rare among female entertainers in deeply conservative South Korea.


She was appeared in a TV show and spoke out against the online backlash she got over her lifestyle.

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