‘Spent the day braiding my hair’ says Alexandra Burke

‘Spent the day braiding my hair.’ What hairstyles have you been doing in quarantine?’ says Alexandra Burke. Alexandra firstly shared a snap of herself with her braids wrapped in a colorful scarf.

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She’s joined the nation in lock down in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus. And amid the government’s warning that hairdressers could remain closed for up to six months even if lock down lifted, Alexandra Burke resorted to braiding her hair on Friday. She then shared a video that showed off her progress as she intricately plaited the thin blonde and black box braids.

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The Hallelujah hit maker appeared chuffed with herself as she smiled to the camera while coming to the end of her mammoth task. And her efforts were worth it as the star looked incredible with her elegant new hairdo. Alexandra’s stunning snaps came after she revealed she had suffered a panic attack during lock down earlier this month.

Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke

Alexandra’s post soon flooded with fans complimenting her on her locks,’Feel free to come and braid mine’. I AM ENOUGH chat on Saturday Alexandra said: ‘Two days ago, I thought to myself I’m going to go and give my mum some flowers, so I drove down to the grave, and it was closed.’ Significant anxiety, a big old panic attack in the car because I thought “how can you stop me from seeing my mum?” and many people go through that, I didn’t know that’s not that wasn’t essential.’ I can understand that they’re canceling people’s weddings etc. but I didn’t realize that’s non-essential.

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