Spotify SURPRISED Noah Cyrus for getting Nominated for GRAMMY AWARDS 2021!

Noah Cyrus and her life as a musician is full of surprises. It’s been months since Noah Cyrus, the youngest among the Cyrus sisters got nominated for the highly esteemed Grammy Awards 2021. What she did to celebrate her victory on scoring the Best New Artist Nomination had literally touched her fans. Now, Spotify has come up with something way more enthusiastic which made her day both as a singer as well as a young artist.

Of late, the singer gave a glimpse about how Spotify surprised her for getting nominated as the ‘Best New Artist’ for the GRAMMY AWARDS 2021.

Noah Cyrus thanked Spotify for their SURPRISE!

”SHEEEESH !!! thank you @spotify for all the love y’all show me. cant believe there’s billboards all over congratulating ME ON A GRAMMY NOMINATION,” posted the singer.

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Recently, she shone herself in the media lights after the release of her brand new single “Dear August” in collaboration with P.J.Harding. The singer recently took a moment to thank P.J.Harding for being the best partner in creating ‘Dear August.’

Dear August by Noah Cyrus and P J Harding
Dear August by Noah Cyrus and P J Harding

‘Dear August’ is a mix of Americana, folk, and classic country. Directed by Matt Earl, the accompanying music video pays homage to ‘The Notebook’ with its letters, classic automobile, and, of course, blue dress. Even though Noah shot her scenes in Southern California and PJ shot his in Australia, it illustrates their chemistry as musical kindred spirits.

Noah Cyrus, the singer
Noah Cyrus, the singer

Watch the official video of ”Dear August” below.

Also, recently, her announcement regarding her collaboration with P.J.Harding for her new single after ‘Dear August’ has put her fans on tenterhooks.

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