Startups Beginning to Invest in Religious Ventures

Small and mid-sized startups are tapping into the chaotic yet profitable $40 billion religiosity market in India. They see an opening in using technology to unite atheists to their communities of devotion.

Assam-based Indraneel Dasgupta and his friend Ankan Ganguli from Kolkata have started a religious pilgrimage and darshan website. The name for the same has been coined Make My Pilgrimage (MMP). The site aims to join pilgrims across the country and overseas to their pilgrimage destinations of choice.

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Popular Singer Anup Jalota is the chief mentor and collaborator of the program. MMP has just reached the executing stage. The collaborators are planning it to soar to great heights. As far as 5 Crores of investment has been done until now to build up the base of this startup. Credit Asset Management has provided the tender for securing a deal in the share.

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Refining on the startup started in January 2019, Dasgupta said. MMP ensures their pilgrims have Startuinteraction with “their Gods”. From package trips and darshans to long voyages, the company strives to offer the pilgrim’s time with their Gods trouble-free and personal. The MMP site helps the devotee pre-book every assistance needed which can include even the priest and the puja.

Startups Beginning to Invest in Religious Ventures
Startups Beginning to Invest in Religious Ventures

MMP has collaborated with top yoga schools and organisations and even astrologers, ayurvedic doctors, hotels, travel agents, organic product manufacturers. They have also partnered with the best medical tourism company on hospital services to provide medicinal aid to all its travellers if the call arises. The platter of assistance MMP even offers monitoring care for the aged and infants, wheel-chair services at preferred locations, first aid and refreshments. They also aid with priest services for domestic activities such as weddings, Griha Pravesh and any other family ceremonies.

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