Stimulus Check: When Will The Biden’s $1400 stimulus Check to Arrive

Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Coronovirus economic relief plan proposes a stimulus check of $1400 which when added with the $600 stimulus check which went out earlier this month would round up a figure of $2000.

As part of President-elect Joe Biden’s 1.9trillion coronavirus relief plan announced this week, most Americans will get a $1400 stimulus check. 

Though it is not $2000 that many people hoped for, the new direct payment equals the amount expected. 

This stimulus check would be a helping hand to millions of households who are still suffering from the pandemic’s economic fallout. However, the process may take more time than many Democratic leaders hope. The check is a complex and layered plan that includes an increase in the minimum wages to $15 per hour, expanding paid leave for workers, and increase tax credits for families with children. 

But first of all the thing to happen is Biden needs to take office since the two Democratic senators from Georgia. The results in Georgia need to be first certified. The deadline for certification is on Friday, January 22. Biden will take office on Wednesday, January 27.

This means we can expect the package to be passed by February. Once approved, the US Government Department of the Treasury will initiate the process and distribute the check within a short span of time, since they could do the processing speed substantially from the first round of stimulus check of $1200 to early $600.

But there is some concern about the impeachment proceeding against the outgoing President Donald Trump which could delay the process. Trump’s trial could start as soon as Biden takes office. Whether it could become a distraction for the stimulus check is known to be seen.

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