Stranger Season 2 K-Drama series of Netflix on August 15

The story follows the life of an urban family where secrets and lies are threatened to be exposed in public by a stranger. The series follows the same name of the novel by writer Harlan Coben. A lot of his fans appreciated its mini-series adaptation since January. The mysterious sequence set up around the actions of a stranger throughout the series. While one storyline revolves around the protagonist’s wife and the second storylines revolve around a group of teenagers.

Stranger Season 2 Fans Are At The Peak Of Expectation: Watch the Trailer Here

According to the critics, the series is a pack of Incredibly lazy writing. They questioned Why would a serial blackmailer, who allegedly makes her money from blackmailing people using information gleaned online, leaves the safety of her mysterious flat to confront people in person? This would, and did, reveal her face (poorly concealed by her baseball cap when standing only a meter away). The series is accused of a fundamental plot hole that is not tackled even once and is introduced very early on.

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Surely this would be much less dangerous and less open to being exposed. Indeed, the connections drawn between subsequent encounters were based on a brief description of the antagonist’s appearance. Why did the head of Ethical Investments not simply hire the competent private investigator, who would have provided him with the name and address of The Stranger without the need for a single murder!

Stranger Netflix
Stranger Netflix

Overall, Coben seems to conflate a “twist” by simply introducing many red herrings and not providing enough information to the viewer for them to have been able to know who had done it. Something which had not been alluded to even once. It appears from the use of flashbacks to things that he, and other characters, had said in previous episodes.

The flashback referencing the language of the text (“look after the kids”) was only revealed as suspicious right at the end . the similar reasoning of having a poor plot (for want of effort and skill), which put the audience in the least slightly higher hopes for The Stranger. Coben is simply lacking the talent at creating anything that is appealing in mass or compelling beyond a surface level.

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