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    Stranger Things: David Harbour opens up his Mind about Upcoming Season

    Netflix’s Sci-Fi series Stranger Things is up for its fourth season the productions are under progress. The show is expected to the spring of 2021. One of the lead actors of the show David Harbour (Jim Hopper) opens up his mind about the upcoming season. Earlier this year, Netflix unveiled an all-new teaser for the fourth season of Stranger Things, which marked the return of Harbour.

    In the recent interview, David says more about his character Jim and about other characters. He also hints the storyline of season 4. “And one of the great things that you can see with Hopper is that he was a protector, he’s a man of justice [and] he now has become a prisoner. He’s trapped and he’s isolated. And we get to see an entirely other colours of him that has been hinted at. […] This season is my favourite because he really is going to show you some new colours and what he’s really made up of. You really do get to see a lot of his backstory of who he was as a warrior in a sense and sort of the mistakes he made in the past come back to visit him, And he just sorts of unfolds”.

    Detailing that the show’s creators, The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer), are “very responsive to the fan response” but also “a step ahead with the script,” Harbour told PEOPLE exclusively that audiences will “see a lot of your favourite characters doing the thing that you love them for … but you’ll also see them twist it and turn it into other colours and other flavours.”

    Harbour also shared that other characters in the series will similarly receive “great fan service stuff that you love” as they also “get elaborated and reveal different aspects of themselves,” including his young co-stars, who have visibly grown up throughout the progression of the show.
    Watching the cast grow up over the years hasn’t come without some heartache for Harbour, who said it is “very moving, especially when you play a character like my character. “It really rattles around in your heart, just these ideas of the passage of time and just the fact that the beautiful thing that people are as children, just don’t get to remain,” he said. “The world affects us, the world changes us. We grow, we develop and those beautiful eyes of a child sort of becoming something different as we age.”

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    He explained his feelings towards the young stars around him “‘It’s very moving just to watch them grow up and especially to be like an avuncular father figure on the show and be so protective of those kids. To watch them grow up, I get a degree of pride and also fear for all of them.’ he said.

    With his speech its sure that the Duffer Brothers are taking the show to a new level. Thus the fans are much awaiting to watch it.

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