‘Stranger Things’ fame Millie Bobby Brown breaks out at a distressing fan encounter: Here’s what the actress has to say

When privacy issue hits most of shall go hysterical about it! So what about the celebrities? How about those who have chosen their lives under the limelight? Yes, it’s equally hard for them too. This very fact was recently made aware to the sneaky-peek public out there by Millie Bobby Brown, the ‘Stranger Things’ fame. Of late the 16-year-old opened up about a distressing fan encounter that she had which for her was indeed a moment of a daze as well as a lesson for the future life. Bawled with tears she narrated the muddled and unexpected event with a plea to her well-wishers.

Being a celebrity is always a matter of adoration and constant attention. But for this one has to pay a price- no privacy. This is exactly what happened to Millie Bobby Brown as well. She had to sacrifice her privacy to be a part of the limelight. Recently the actress was out shopping with her mum when an uncomfortable encounter with a fan left her shaken. She opened up about the incident in a video and cried at the end.

Millie Bobby Brown aka El
Millie Bobby Brown aka El

During her private shopping spree, a fan approached her and asked to take a video. Brown turned down the request as it wasn’t a public event for her. She goes on to ask why would someone want to take a video of only her and not like a selfie with both the fan and the celebrity?

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“I don’t need to justify it to anyone; if I don’t want to be taken a video of, I don’t have to be,” she said. However, the fan didn’t take notice of her choice and continued to film her without her consent even though Millie explicitly told her she did not want to be recorded.

When a private shopping spree turned out to be a disaster for Millie Bobby Brown: ‘I am a human being’ says the actress!

Millie said as she was approaching to pay her bill, the fan walked past her and began to film her. She requested again not to be filmed. “I’m a human being, like, what more can I ask from you?” she asked the fan. To which the girl replied, “So I can’t take a video of a human being?” Millie told her not to when she says no.

'Stranger Things' fame Millie Bobby Brown breaks out at a distressing fan encounterHere's what the actress has to say
‘Stranger Things’ fame Millie Bobby Brown breaks out at a distressing fan encounterHere’s what the actress has to say

“It just makes me upset when people try to push the boundary, and I just wish people were more respectful,” Millie said in her emotional video.

Millie further added that she’s ready to take a picture but pushing her boundaries and fighting with her are against her rights and she has the full right to say no to being filmed. The reason for the video was to let the fans know that they must show respect and respect boundaries, no matter who the person is or what they do for a living, but people should show respect.

For Millie this incident was in fact one such moment that made her insecure which inturn made her emotionally shattered. Also, being an eyeopener for both the celebrities and fans, Millie Bobby Brown opened up about the incident of invading one’s privacy as one of the most important threats to man as a social being.

The teenage star Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame with the sci-fi drama series ‘Stranger Things’ which is all set to release soon. Also, she soon reached the zenith of stardom with the recent release of her movie Enola Holms. Alo she is all ready for her new venture ‘Damsel’ by Netflix.

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