Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven as a game version is out now

Stranger Things-Milley
Stranger Things-Milley

Millie Bobby Brown’s latest Instagram post came with a thrilling announcement for the ‘Stranger Things’ fans. The fun loving game of Stranger things is out now!

As a series prepped with fantasy and mystery, this science fiction series has conquered the hearts of millions. It was a blend of investigative drama coupled with horror, science fiction and childlike sensibilities. Millie Bobby Brown in the lead role as Eleven has garnered an immense fan following through the series.

Now that the series is available as the game version has left the fans go gaga over its rebirth. Also the news about the series getting collaborated with the cooking diary which shall be due by Nov 10 was yet another information shared by the star through her official Instagram page.

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This is so cool! The in-game version of Eleven! Make sure to check out the Stranger Things collab with @cookingdiary_official. Its only available until Nov 10. See you in game!

The new game version has put the followers on the edge of excitement. What’s in the store for them?, Will the game version overthrow the series version? – are some of the questions that this post unearths.