Stranger Things Pro Millie Bobby Brown’s new movie ‘Damsel’: All you need to know about the Trailer!

Over the past few days, the news about the novel Netflix collaboration with Stranger Things’ fame Millie Bobby Brown has created a massive hue and cry among the movie buffs! The conspicuously new venture ‘Damsel’ where Millie would be playing the titular role as a Princess.

Recently the latest report states that the actor shall also join her hands with Netflix as the executive producer of the movie ‘Damsel’! Millie Bobby Brown is thus all set to unpack more movie magic!

'Stranger Things' fame Millie Bobby Brown breaks out at a distressing fan encounterHere's what the actress has to say
‘Stranger Things’ fame Millie Bobby Brown breaks out at a distressing fan encounterHere’s what the actress has to say

As far as the plot line of the movie ‘Damsel’ is concerned Netflix is keeping the official synopsis under wraps. But sources say the story follows a young princess named Elodi (Millie Bobby Brown) who is married off to a rival kingdom and immediately finds herself in danger when it’s revealed that her new home has a nasty little secret — during the harvest season, the kingdom sacrifices their princesses to a hungry dragon.

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Netflix’s ‘Damsel’: More updates on the Trailer is out now!

When it comes to the trailer, the crew hasn’t shared any updates about it’s release. Since Netflix just announced the movie, on November 12th no Damsel trailer is out quite yet.

Also, the movie is going to be a fun packed multi starred visual treat. Along with Millie Bobby Brown, Dan Mazeau, Zack Roth, and Chris Castaldi will also be executive producing this film as well. The screenplay of Millie Bobby Brown’s new movie will be done by Dan Mazeau. Under PCMA Productions banner, the movie is expected to be made at a massive scale with a budget of $60-70 million, says the recent reports.

The movie has members who have been nominated in some of the most prestigious cinema awards. The director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has earlier received an Oscar nomination. Millie Bobby Brown has herself received nominations in the Emmy Awards twice for her work in the Stranger Things series. Millie Bobby Brown was recently seen in Enola Holmes in which she had teamed up with Netflix as well. Hence with Millie and the rest of the Damsel team the entire crew are looking forward to creating a similar impact with this film as well.

Although the release date hasn’t been announced yet, fans are already pumped for the movie, which sounds like it will put a new spin on the classic “damsel in distress” trope.

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