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    Stranger Things: Will ‘El’ get back her SuperPowers? Possibilities Discussed!

    The Sci-Fi series of Netflix, Stranger Things is currently due for its fourth season. The previous season had made a cliffhanger ending. The fans are left with many unanswered questions. Among the Important one is “Will El get back her Superpower?” Another important question is “How did El lose her powers by the final episode of season 3?”

    Initially let’s discuss “How did El lose her powers by the final episode of season 3?”. Eleven loses her powers after an epic battle with The Mind Flayer that leaves her wounded. When the gang arrives at the Starcourt Mall, El still has her powers, and she uses them to flip a car at the Russians, who are searching for Steve, Robin, Dustin and Erica. Then that thing starts moving around in her leg and she uses the power to extract the piece of the Mind Flayer from her leg in the season finale, she’s unable to use them for the remainder of the episode. Even in the “three months later” epilogue, she couldn’t move a stuffed animal with her mind.

    There are many theories about Eleven’s powers, but the general consensus is that it has something to do with what happened when The Mind Flayer “bit” her and infected her blood. It’s possible that The Mind Flayer somehow messed up how Eleven uses her telekinetic abilities. Throughout the series, we had seen Mind Flayer affecting other people’s minds so that it can control them. Maybe this had happened with El also, Messing up her Mind thus losing her skills.

    Another theory is that In Stranger Things 3, Eleven used her powers frequently in attempts to locate the Flayed, read Billy’s mind, and fight off the Mind Flayer on multiple occasions. There’s one scene where Mike voices his concerns about how extensively El is using her powers, implying that she could hurt herself. It also may not be a coincidence that her powers disappeared shortly after suffering her leg injury.

    Now let’s discuss “Will ‘El’ get back her SuperPowers?”. Eleven should get her powers back. As El is the catalyst in this series, and she’s the x-factor that the humans have against the monster, The Mind Flayer, and anyone else. The show writers won’t be just going to pull something like this only to give El her powers back in the first episode of season 4. It will surely take some time.

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    Millie Bobby Brown herself had mentioned on multiple occasions, it’s a good thing for Eleven to lose her powers. She has been using them, like we all would, as a crutch of sorts for three seasons. It’s time to let her see the world like everyone else, so she can learn what it means to live without and not take those powers for granted.

    Dr.Brenner might be the man who can help her to reign her powers back. Because he was the one who developed these abilities through experiments. He is alive according to Season 2.

    The above discussions are possibilities based on the previous episodes. To understand what Duffer Brothers thinks we must wait till the release which is expected by spring of 2021.

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