Stranger Things: Will there be a Spinoff for El?

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most successful shows. The Sci-Fi series has completed three of its seasons and the fourth season is under production which is expected to stream by April 2021. The series stars Millie Bobby Brown aka El as its lead actress.

Now certain news is spreading that Netflix management is planning to bring out more of El. The makers obviously want to encash Brown’s popularity and also bring an additional viewers base to the platform that is already leading the pack globally. In the series, we had seen the superpowers of El. The spin-off may give more of it. If a spinoff is on its way what will it be?. Let’s talk about the possibilities, in the series, the past of El was not discussed clearly, about her parents and how she got such incredible powers. Only a wage idea was given.

netflix stranger things
netflix stranger things

Another possibility lies within season 2’s episode ‘The Lost Sister’ a possibility of more such people with the same powers as that of Millie Bobby Brown’s El was shown. Though that episode did not grab attention as it should have, it is quite possible that it might just become the plot for a spin-off that put Eleven in the centre.

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The above discussions are only possibilities based on the previous seasons. There is no confirmation on the same for either Netflix or Millie Bobby Brown right now, a confirmation will be a huge event. Meanwhile, Stranger Things Season 4 was being shot as per the deadline, but the pandemic brought it to a standstill. The release date will likely be closer to spring 2021.

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