‘Summer Walker’trolled over her flubbed nose job

People are taking to Twitter to weigh in on the “ Love Rennaissance “ Summer Walker nose, which noticed to be sagging in her Instagram live session, with one saying, “ she ruined her face.”

Summer Walker” an American singer, might have undergone a plastic surgery that failed to be up. The 24-year-old songwriter flashed a conjecture that she had gone under the knife earlier this year, has been botched her nose job.

Earlier, the R&B star went on Instagram Live telecast to greet her fans, but instead of noticing what she was sharing, her fans were concentrating on her nostrils that looked crumpled. Her weird looking nose in the video, fans have taken to Twitter to weigh in on her sagged nose job, some of her fans comments: “Smh she ruined her face,” one user penned. Another compared nose job to Michael Jackson’s claiming, “ that is sad! Yikes, she must have gotten the Jackson special at her plastic surgeon.”

Summer Walker Instagram Reacts to her Trolls: Watch

Seemingly it is not only Summer’s fan who noticed the problem in her nose after her surgery. Earlier in March, it was reported that she accused the plastic surgeon who performed the surgery process on her face for $500,000, claiming he spoiled her face.

There is no proper evidence for the lawsuit, and even she has confirmed the nose job nor the suit.

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“She didn’t even need surgery, Wth,” one person commented on the new nose. A disappointed fan wrote, “ We have not progressed since MJ. Or since Lil Kim smh. PPl still they’re ugly when they’re not?.

Summer Walker
Summer Walker

Her bf added her d#ck whipped and her thinking the comment ‘fun cold cure’ is additional evidence for low self-esteem, shallow messed up world we live in, That makes ppl hate selves.”

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