Superman actor Henry Cavill reveals to have a ‘Virtual Run,’ rather than ‘Travel to Jersey’ In ‘The Durrell Challenge 2020’

Henry Cavil to have a Virtual Run in the Durrell Challenge 2020 event led by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a 13K road race held in Jersey, Channel islands taking place on 27 September 2020. 

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Superman actor took to Instagram to share a post for “The Durrell Challenge” since the event is sneaking closer!  

The ‘Blood Creek’ actor shared a pic of him with his adorable dog “Kal “ with a lion hat. The Wicher hero captioned the post with-  Next Sunday is the official day, at long last, for The Durrell Challenge For those running it virtually, it can be done on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday! Whichever day you choose we’ll all be doing it for the greater good of our planet, and all the species living on it,” Previously he had put a post to help those willing to take part in the challenge.

He added “ Speaking to the virtual run, to protect the health and the jobs of my fellow cast and crew here on The Witcher, I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and stay local to do my very own Durrell Challenge, rather than travel to jersey, Saturday will be my day! Which day is yours.”

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Jersey Zoo will be the finishing point, which will be open as usual for members and visitors. But as per Pandemic guidelines there will be Really Wild Day at Jersey zoo.

Henry Cavill Superman Movies

Superman’s portrayal seemed cold for some time as Warner Bros lost interest in the character. Hence now the star is there to reprise the character and reportedly signed a new deal contract that includes three movies and also a choice for cameos in other DCEU films. 

Henry Cavill is getting ready for the Durrell Challenge
Henry Cavill is getting ready for the Durrell Challenge

Additionally the star is also currently gearing up for his role in season two of The Witcher on Netflix.

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