“Supermarket Sweep” by Leslie Jones: Dwayne Johnson Wishes the Best!

It has been indeed a moment of pride for Dwayne Johnson, to watch his friend Leslie Jones’s new venture hitting records within no time! The American Television show “Supermarket Sweep” by Leslie Jones seems to be one among the most enjoyed and watched Television programmes.

Watch: Supermarket Sweep by Leslie Jones

“Wooo! A big @teremana  toast  to my sis @lessdogg and her NEW HIT SHOW @supermarketsweepabc on @abcnetwork airing again TONIGHT! Ratings are rock solid – and congrats sis on producing and delivering some FUN for everyone at home-wrote the actor.  I’m rooting ya on!-posted the actor in his official Instagram Page.

The video snippet followed by the written post was in fact a sign of merriment and celebration for both.One can easily notice the sense of enjoyment in their eyes and voice to the fullest. The entire team is found partying hard with eatables and toast to celebrate the grand success of their show “Supermarket Sweep”.

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The Supermarket Sweep is an American Television game show which began its broadcasting on ABC from December 20, 1965 to July 14, 1967. Later, the show received a series of revival in the consecutive years and finally it has gathered a new face in the hands of Leslie Jones by October 18, 2020.

As Dwayne Johnson has remarked, the show has gained its best and the ratings are very well met. The game show is about 60 minutes longer which consists of two complete half-hour games, with three new teams per game. The show is premiered on every Sunday 8 PM, aired via ABC network.

Dwayne Johnson and Leslie Jones
Dwayne Johnson and Leslie Jones

Through his post, Dwayne Johnson also thanked her for all the fun and enjoyment that she had gifted them with as well as promised that he would be rooting for her further.

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