Many are coming to support Chrissy Teigen after rising shaming comments for her Social Media posts

Recently hospitalized Chrissy Teigen lost her baby Jack due to miscarriage. Chrissy has been suffering heavy bleeding recently and was hospitalized. She was taking serious bed rest due to the bleeding. After the tragic incident, she later posted on Instagram and Twitter informing the public about the news.

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Since she posted the news,many have commented and tweeted supporting Chrissy and her family to get through these tough times. At the same time, many others commented questioning her feelings and emotions as she posted the news on Social media. Many said that she is not sincere and not much sad about the loss of her baby.

Regardless of the shaming and judgement from many, many others posted and tweeted supporting her decision on posting the new to the public.

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Meena Harris, American lawyer and children’s book author, wrote on Twitter in support of Chrissy Teigen “Women suffer through so much in silence. Those who choose to speak, even in their toughest moments, give power to all of us.”

Haitian-American writer Doreen St. Felix wrote on Twitter “the shaming and judgment reminds you why so many people keep their pregnancy losses secret.”

Chrissy Teigen showing her baby bump
Chrissy Teigen showing her baby bump

She also added “there are many people who specialize in stillbirth photography and do it for free. The suffering is multiplied by the sense that the life hadn’t even had a chance to be documented, made real. photos help.”

Television writer and producer Alison Bennet wrote on Twitter “Fertility and childbirth is brutal. In the coming days (hours!), someone’s going to feel less alone because of @chrissyteigen. Thank you, Chrissy. We’re all thinking of your family tonight.”

Writer Leni Hall wrote on Twitter “sharing this specific grief with a global public is a gift we frankly don’t deserve. don’t mistake this as anything other than pure generosity—she is saying “you are not alone” even as she and her family begin their journey through the darkness.”

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