Take a break, says Google to its employees

Google Company
Google Company

American search engine company ‘Google’ offers a compulsory leave on May 22nd to its employees to get rid of the stress caused by the novel coronavirus.

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In the light of pandemic, Google decided to shut down its offices for the entirety of the year. They offered work from home to all its workforces.

CEO Sundar Pichai commended about reopening the offices in early June, but most of them occupy work from home.
Alphabet Inc’s Google has a revenue of 1,384.34 USD and also holds more than one lakh peers with them. The company’s primary revenue comes from advertising. However, the CEO took into account the mental health of its workers despite their daily income.

Following the path of Google, Facebook has also allowed its workers to adopt WFH in this predicament. Two tech giants until the year of 2020, demanded their employee’s team up along with them from home and confronted against the pandemic together.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 212 countries and territories worldwide, with a total of 4,015,107 cases and 276,268 deaths across the globe.