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    Taylor Hill feels excited being chosen as an ambassador of David Yurman’s ‘My New York Campaign,”It’s a family”!

    The renowned and highly esteemed American Model Taylor Hill has been chosen as one among the many ambassadors of David Yurman’s ‘My New York Campaign’! The news about David Yurman sorting the list for the ambassadors for his well-known campaign had been under innumerable debates and discussions over the past few months. It was recently confirmed that Taylor Hill was also given the golden entry to be a part of his venture.

    taylor hill for my new york campaign
    taylor hill for my new york campaign

    Being an extremely active social media user, Taylor Hill recently gave a glimpse of her stunning looks in a print denim Jumpsuit in the 77th Venice Film Festival, leaving her fans a moment of voyeuristic pleasure.

    Of late, the American model announced how happy and excited she was to ensure her active participation throughout the spring episode of his David Yurman’s ‘My New York Campaign 2021.’

    Taylor Hill reveals about her bond with David Yurman

    “I’m so excited to be a part of @DavidYurman’s new My New York campaign! David, Sybil and Evan Yurman are from NYC. They live here, they’ve built their brand here. I remember going on my very first casting for David Yurman. Usually, you’ll meet with a casting director but when I walked in I was shocked…they were all there; David, Sybil and Evan! That’s never happened before. And I remember thinking, wow they’re really involved. It’s a family,” posted the model.

    Hill seems to be highly enthralled to join the team, a campaign that celebrates “My New York” as the brand and founders’ home, and as a constant source of inspiration and creativity for the Yurman family. She expressed how blessed she was to be included in the ‘family’ by sharing her experience during her first casting. She remembers how shocking it was to find the directors in one row. Such is their bonding, says the model. She also took a moment to appreciate their dedication and active involvement to gather together for the nation’s good cause.

    The most popular model Joan Smalls also joins Taylor Hills for the campaigns, as per the reports by David Yurman.

    taylor hills and joan smalls for my new york campaign
    taylor hills and joan smalls for my new york campaign

    The venture title ‘MyNew York Campaign’ tries to celebrate the truth that New York is the city of dreams and endless possibilities, no matter where you are in the world. They attempts to make people aware about the truth that the city’s creative pulse—its people, diversity, cultural institutions, neighborhoods, landmarks—is what gives New York its everlasting spirit, and continues to inspire each and everyone anew. It also pays homage to the true heart and soul of New York City.

    In addition to this, the campaign features a mix of classic and iconic pieces from David Yurman Cable, Pinky Ring, Stax, Lexington and Renaissance collections, as well as statement pieces from the brand’s upcoming launch—the new Elements collection. Inspired by the circular form, the Elements collection represents perfect balance, harmony and unity—the ultimate amulet.

    Popularly known as the Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015, Taylor Hill when got a golden ticket to be a part of such an esteemed campaign expresses she was much obliged to be one among the ambassadors of such an acclaimed organisation.

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose is a Post Graduate in English language and literature. She is a voracious reader, logophilic, a wordsmith and an ardent lover of verbal creation.

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