Taylor Swift along the path of Elon Musk?

Taylor Alison Swift had sold one of her mode of air transport, a Dassault Falcon 50 jet. She owned it eight years ago. The singer and songwriter posses two planes, of that she retains Falcon 900, which has a big size when compared to Falcon 50.

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Initially, when Taylor bought Falcon 50 in 2012, it was registered with SATA, LLC, in Nashville. It is believed that she had spent more than 6 million dollars for her second private air jet. SATA represented the initials of Taylor Swift and her immediate family members.

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According to the records, Taylor changed the ownership of Falcon 50 to BoneDoc Aviation, LLC, on March 16. It was nearly the time when the whole nation followed restrictions of the pandemic to stay at home. Taylor has not yet revealed the actual reason behind this sudden decision.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

There is no doubt why she holds the initially purchased air-jet safe with her. Taylor’s Dassault Falcon 900 tri-jet wore a custom livery featuring the singer’s favorite number ’13’ painted close to the cabinet door. Her first album went gold in the 13th week. The jet’s registration number is also in accordance with her year of birth.

Her net worth is assumed to be 360 million dollars. Hence it would not be a difficult task for her to buy another one.

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