Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Trina Solar

Trina Solar preparing a mass production of their 500W+ Modules

China: Chinese panel maker company Trina Solar a dominant provider of integrated PV modules and smart energy solutions announced the pilot line for the mass...



Harmony OS

Everything About Harmony OS – Competitor to Android?

Huawei launched Harmony OS at their Developer Conference on August 9, 2019.OS is faster and safer than Android as per the Huawei Consumer Business...
Trend Youl FraudWatch International

COVID-19 Infodemic (Online Scams): FraudWatch International Takes The Initiative to “Turn The Tide”

MELBOURNE, Australia: FraudWatch International a leader in online brand and anti-phishing industry targets on the pandemic of fake news surrounding the coronavirus...
top employer europe

Huawei Recognised as European Regional Certified Top Employer

Germany: Huawei has been Officially Recognised by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer 2020 in Germany. The...

Featuring an UTG display in new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is thinner than...

Samsung was one of the initial smartphone manufacturers to release a foldable device in the market. Though the galaxy Fold was not actually a success,...

Five Main Reasons to Trust 5G Says Huawei CTO

At Huawei's Trust in Tech Symposium on the 3rd of December, Huawei CTO Paul Scanlan explains five reasons to trust 5G. The up-and-coming network has...