Teresa Palmer’s Heart Felt reminder On National Sons day

Australian actress, writer, model and film producer Teresa Palmer posted on national sons day on her Instagram today.  “🖤 #nationalsonsday 🖤 my three sons.

Teresa Palmer Wishing Her Three Sons

All so different yet the same- kindhearted, earth caring, animal loving, sensitive dreamers. So bright, funny, cheeky, adventurous and curious. Bodhi, Forest + Isaac I love you! you make life such a joy.” Palmer added in the post. 

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Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber have three children together: sons Bodhi Rain and Forest Sage and daughter Poet Lake Through her marriage, Palmer is also a stepmother to Webber’s son from his previous relationship with actress Frankie Shaw.The family resides in the Beachwood Canyon community of Los Angeles.

Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer

lifestyle writer (and dad) Christopher Dale in a recent article for Motherly: “Parents of boys are in a precarious position, one where the rules of inter-gender engagement seem to be in constant flux. As society understandably amplifies the voices of accusers, we find ourselves raising the potentially accused.”

Just like Daughters’ Day that honours all girls, Sons Day is meant for the boys. It is about making them feel special and tell them how and what important role they play in the larger society. These observances have different dates in different countries.

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