What Is The Appeal Of The Anime Overlord: Explained

Overlord Season 4 Details Will Be Soon Released

On the top surface, Overlord seems like a typical isekai, but there is a lot that it does right. The real appeal of the show is the world-building. The protagonist Ainz Ooal Gown is essentially nobody who is transported to another world and is pushed into the role of being this perfect being; he needs to keep up this facade because if he doesn’t, who knows what may occur?

Overlord really enjoys playing with how everything is fake. This is mostly showcased when the show moved towards Ainz playing as the stoic adventurer: Momon. The creators understand that the concept of a normal guy pretending to be a near-omnipotent skeleton pretending to be this powerful adventurer (human) is entertaining. The creators play on this facade beautifully through one of Ainz’s subordinates: Demiurge.

Overlord Season 4
Overlord Season 4

The general gag is that Demiurge believes Ainz is scheming some complex plan and states to have discovered Ainz next steps. However, the reality of the situation is that Ainz is either barely aware of the strategy or not even aware of said strategy.

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Like much other isekai anime, Overlord’s protagonist, Ainz is ridiculously over-powered. As you’ve either watched the link or at least seen the title, the show has already made 3 seasons; thus, it much be asked, how was it able to keep anyone’s attention if there was no tension? Unlike others in this genre, Overlord doesn’t shift its focus entirely on its protagonists.

As alluded earlier, the show puts an equal amount of emphasis on other characters apart from the Ainz. overlord goes to great lengths to showcase these otherwise minor characters. The show illustrates each of their struggles, personalities, and in some cases past events that shaped their character. This type of storytelling really culminates late into a season: the only other notable anime utilizing a similar style is One Punch Man, more specifically its second season.

Finally, there is an element of wish fulfilment: Ainz rules over the denizens of Nazarick, the former guild that he and his friends had constructed. It’s heavily implied that Ainz is at least one of the strongest characters in the world if not the strongest, and has an abundance of gold from his time playing the game prior to being transported.

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