The ARTIST FACE of Dwayne Johnson is no longer a secret!

The wrestler, the actor, the entrepreneur and the cook-best defines the image of Dwayne Johnson. But only a few might be aware of the fact that he is an artist as well! The recent midnight routine shared by the ‘Rock’ showcased his drawing skills on the fridge, which left his fans amused.

Obsessed with his workouts and health mantras, the ‘rock’ had recently offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe to all his fans out there, which also becomes the hero of his latest Instagram post. But his ‘drawing skills’ on the refrigerator in his house is something that eclipsed his work-out routine and post work out shake.

Dwayne Johnson showcases his ”DRAWING SKILLS” during his ”Midnight Routine”!

“1 am Hawai’i time and just wrapped my workout after a VERY long workday…I’ll be asleep by 3 am and back up again around 645 when the babies come jumping on daddy. Definitely need more sleep but my little tornados don’t have a damn snooze button. You midnight oil burners and ladies & gents who put in those loooong work hours – I totally understand and I’m right there with ya.

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We wear many hats throughout the day, so many responsibilities, initiatives, and getting pulled in 1,000 different directions. Man o man does I understand. Stay strong, fight thru that fatigue, and stay plugged into your balance and mana. And a big shout to me for showcasing my drawing skills on the fridge. Midweek mindfulness” posted the actor.

dwayne johnon workout session
dwayne johnon workout session

One of the best work out videos of Dwayne Johnson is as follows:

Making his post-workout shake with his favorite ingredients like Apple, powdered protein, powdered carbohydrates, and ice, the ‘rock’ performs a kitchen tour through his house, offering a glimpse at the funny, cute little paintings that he has on his fridge. In the midst of all this fun, he also shared a life-saving mantra boosting his fans to make their way through hard times.

”Life doesn’t have a stop button, however you will have to fight the fatigue,” urges the ‘Rock’!

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