‘The Bachelor’: Facts behind the viral Twitter post by Kristin Hopkins is out now!

A 27-year-old attorney from New Jersey on this season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” is already going viral. Its none other than Virginia native Kristin Hopkins, who is currently from Jersey City! She is among 32 contestants on Season 25 starring Matt James. Although Season 25 of ‘The Bachelor’ is not premiered yet, Kristin being one of its contestants is already going viral on Twitter. She is one of Matt James’ suitors, and according to recent reports a Twitter thread that she posted of late went viral.

Apparently, someone who went to college with Kristin remembers something she did for her years ago after a college-related event. She shared everything on Twitter and she wants Kristin to win the whole thing.

Viral Twitter post by Kristin Hopkin

She also added,

“Girl, this man is creepy. He’s hitting on you,” Battle recalled Hopkins telling her on the train. “How could he possibly be hitting on me?? he told me maybe i could babysit for his daughter.”

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While it has yet to be seen if Hopkins and James will hit it off, this story has gained support on social media. At the time of posting, it has garnered more than 7,500 retweets and more than 230,000 likes.

Bachelors Matt james continues his journey to find love
Bachelors Matt james continues his journey to find love

As Battle put it, “honestly the power of her charisma has always terrified me!!”

In response to the attention, Hopkins wrote, “So many new friends here thanks to the wonderful [Sydney Battle] Happy Sunday to you all! This is a fun and positive space, sprinkled with some petty here and there let’s get it!”

The philanthropic face of ‘The Bachelor’ star Kristin Hopkins left the world bemused!

Facts behind the viral Twitter post by Kristin Hopkins is out now
Facts behind the viral Twitter post by Kristin Hopkins is out now

The journey towards ‘The Bachelor’ was indeed a risky enterprise, a hard nut to crack! Hopkins, now an attorney based in New York, attended The College of William and Mary.

According to the bio on her firm’s website, Hopkins works in their New York office with a focus in sports, recreation, entertainment, product liability, and employment and labor litigation.

Kristin Hopkins
Kristin Hopkins

Hopkins previously worked as a law clerk for the New Jersey Superior Court to Superior Court Judge Henry P. Butehorn (Monmouth County), the site says.

The upcoming episode of Kristin and Matte would be spiced with more dramatic events. While the story about Kristin’s help on the subway probably won’t air on The Bachelor, there will be plenty of other drama.

We already know that one of the women on Matt’s season was accused of being a ‘sugar baby’ and an ‘escort’ in a preview for the season. Lets find out more!

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