The Best Tribute To Notorious B.I.G 24 years After His Murder

24 years after the murder of Notorious B.I.G at the age of 24 in Los Angeles. If that one bullet had whizzed by six inched from where it hit. The Legendary Brooklyn rapper died in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997.

The Legendary Brooklyn rapper whose real name was Christopher Wallace was the best rapper on the planet. The Notorious B.I.G rapper was shot to death at a stoplight in Los Angeles. The murder was thought to be the culmination of an ongoing feud between rap music artists from the East and West coasts. 

Wallace’s death came only weeks before his new album, titled Life After Death, was scheduled to be released. 

Many took to social media on Tuesday to post remembrances of Notorious B.I.G, also nicknamed Biggie Smalls.

About Notorious B.I.G

Wallace who was known to be Notorious B.I.G was the most prominent East Coast practitioner of “gangsta rap”.Wallace grew up in a poor section of Brooklyn and had many run-ins with the law growing up. Even after he reached stardom in the music world, his legal woes continued.

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The murder of Wallace has never been solved, though it has been suggested that either Marion “Suge” Knight, the former head of Death Row Records, Shakur’s label, or the Crips gang may be responsible. 

The Spotlights that Biggie left in few years like Ready To Die, Born Again, Ready To Die, Notorious B.I.G, and more, And it not just that Biggie was a great rapper. He also changed the course of the genre. He changed what great rappers were expected to do. 

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