The Count down begins for NASA’s Mars Rover 2020 launch

Engineers working on NASA’s Mars Rover mission at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida started placing the rover and the space components into the configuration as there are 68 days left for a mission to the red planet. The launch period kicks off on July 17th.

Watch the Visuals of NASA’s Mars Rover 2020 launch

The rover will run on top of the United Alliance Atlas V Rocket.”Attaching the rover to the descent stage is a major milestone for the team because these are the first spacecraft components to come together for launch, and they will be the last to separate when we reach Mars,” said David Gruel, the Perseverance rover assembly, test, and launch operations manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, which manages rover operations.

The Perseverance rover has four main objectives, which include looking for life-sustaining habitat, seeking remnants of life, collecting and storing samples in the martian surface, and finally preparing the atmosphere for humans. The rover is capable of conducting scientific analysis, including weather forecasting.

The news that NASA Launching Perseverance In Search Of Martians has been in fact deemed as an pic move by the entire team.

NASA’s Curiosity rover, which was launched from Cape Canaveral in 2011, even after its completion of the mission, is still active and operational. It explored the slopes of Mount Sharp, where NASA expects to collect the evidence of the past in mars.

Similar to the Curiosity rover Mars 2020, Spacecraft utilizes a first entry, descent, and landing system. A unique mechanism called ‘sky crane maneuver’ to lower the rover to the surface, a few seconds before landing, has also manipulated.

NASA Perseverance 2020
NASA Perseverance 2020

The rover collects the sample and stores on the martian surface, using the strategy depot caching so that a future mars mission project can bring the sample to Earth for further studies in the lab. This colossal mission, which also comprises mission to the moon, aims for human exploration of the red planet.

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