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    The Daily Show : “American lessons on pandemic” with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

    The Daily Social Distancing show by Trevor Noah recently acknowledged the crisis of covid-19 cases mounting day by day in Europe. Flabbergasted in the ongoing election bustles, the pandemic seems to take a backseat.

    Watch the Exclusive Interview with Gov. Andrew Cuomo

    However, the latest session with the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proved to be a productive discussion. Noah’s interactive session was primarily targetted to address the state’s coronavirus response and it’s future as detailed in his new book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

    The prior sessions held by Noah set the backdrop for this discussion where he analysed the indifference of the leaders towards the mounting cases of COVID-19. He expressed his objection against the statement by Rudi Gilani, the lawyer of President Donald Trump where he stated that ‘People don’t die of this disease anymore”. Along with this a healthy criticism was directed towards President Donald Trump’s comment “The threat was non-existent”.    

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo – What He Would Have Done Differently.

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    Gov. @andrewcuomo reflects on New York’s pandemic response, the messaging around Covid protocol in nursing homes, and the virus’s initial arrival in the U.S.17h

    The Daily Show

    The discussion with the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo dealt with the current plight of the state ambushed by the virus. It addressed the issues of new laws and regulations and its insecurities over the minority. Governor Andrew explained that the nuances shall not cause the infringement of minorities but rather is designed to protect them from disease transmission.


    Daily Show
    Daily Show

    “It is a public health law and has nothing to do with their religion”- said the Governor.He also said that his recently published book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic”, is a caution sign against the coronavirus. The issues in nursing homes that is more vulnerable to the virus was also discussed in the session.

    The interaction came to an end with the revealing of the winter policies of the state crippling in the grip of coronavirus. 

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
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