The DANGEROUS JOURNEY of Sam Heughan: ‘Men in Kilts’ Behind the scenes is out now!

February 14th 2021, has been an unforgettably remarkable day for the ‘Outlander’ fame Sam Heughan. It was on this day, he launched his ‘Valentine Special’ brand new ‘Sassenach Tweed’ for sale. Also, it was on the same day his adventurous road trip ‘Men in Kilts’ got aired. An intrepid saga in every sense, it was counted as a feather on his celebratory cap.

As soon as the news about the show getting released was officially announced by the star, his fans grew restless till they found an answer to when and where to watch ‘Men in Kilts.’ Within hours of its release, the joint venture of the ‘Outlander’ stars garnered a favorable reception from their audience spread over different parts of the globe.

With the grand success of ‘Men in Kilts,’ which still continues to hover in the air, Sam Heughan recently came posting behind the scenes of the show, revealing how hard and dangerous was their journey through the unexplored pastures of Scotland. Of late, the actor took to his Instagram page to share a video snippet recalling how adventurous and life threatening venture was their filming process.

“It’s dangerous work, filming @meninkiltsstarz,” posted the actor.

What was so dangerous about ‘Men in Kilts’?

The video snippet shared by the actor gave a glimpse of the duo trudging through the sea, in the midst of dangerous sharks, great killer whales, and even scary large prawns, leading an unexpected journey as to when these life threatening creatures would appear. It was indeed an unpredictable journey.

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The sempiternal bond between McTavish and Sam Heughan was also well conveyed through their combined literary work titled Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other, which elaborated their undaunted discovery of the undiscovered treasures of Scotland and its history which is lesser known to the world.

The duo has started their filming process of the final segment of the epic series ‘Outlander.’ The World awaits!

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