The Entertainment King Billy Cosby’s prison mug shot arouses fellow feeling

With his new mug shot, Billy Cosby, the famous American stand-up comedian who was convicted for sexual offence is back to the media presence. The snapshot with Billy flashing a sinless smile behind the bars has resulted in a sympathetic response from the world.

The first ever prison photograph of Billy Cosby leaves the crowd sympathetic

The dishonored celebrity of The Cosby Show,who has once entertained the society to the fullest sees the limelight after a huge break. The new photo of Billy Cosby was made to reach the public eye by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. In the photograph the star of comedies Billy Cosby is spot with a mask around his neck, due to coronavirus pandemic and his hair with its white and grey stubbles shown unkempt.

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The image exhibited a tangled look on his face with a helpless smile in contrast to the mirthful face that he wore back in the days of his fame. Imprisoned at the State Correctional Institution in Phoenix from September 2018, accused of a 2004 drug and sexual assault case, this photograph seems to be his first ever prison image.

Billy Cosby
Billy Cosby

His case of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, his one-time friend is up for revision. According to the recent news, the court is planning to analyse the two key issues of the case which includes the judge’s decision to let prosecutors call five other accusers to testify and also the scope of the testimony allowed which his lawyer s deemed unreliable.

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