The Environmental campaigning by Leonardo DiCaprio enters a new phase with JAGUAR PROTECTION!

The Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has always been consistently recognized as one among those philanthropic environmentalists, who has been vociferously voicing for the sustenance and protection of the environmental resources over the past few decades. Recently, he had unanimously joined his hands with the ‘Kayapo Indigenous Community’ in their fight against Gold Mining, which garnered a wider media attention till the date.

Now, DiCaprio and his environmental campaigning has entered a new phase with his latest philanthropic take on the protection of Jaguars. Of late, the actor took to his Instagram page to share a report by ‘,’ a 20 year old, award-winning, non-profit provider of news & inspiration from nature’s frontline, which recorded the intensity of threat experienced by the species of Jaguars due to the egocentric frame of mind exhibited by human species.

Leonardo DiCaprio expressed his concern about the ‘conflict between the jaguars and human communities.’

“From @Mongabay: Only 4% of the jaguar’s critical habitat is effectively protected across the Americas, and in Brazil’s Cerrado biome it’s just 2%. A survey in Emas National Park in the Cerrado biome concludes that the protected area isn’t large enough to sustain a viable jaguar population, and that jaguars moving in and out could be exposed to substantial extinction risk in the future.

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The study suggests that improving net immigration may be more important than increasing population sizes in small isolated populations, including by creating dispersal corridors. To ensure the corridors’ effectiveness, conservation efforts should focus on resolving the conflict between the jaguars and human communities,” posted the actor.

Environmental campaigning Leonardo Di Caprio
Environmental campaigning Leonardo Di Caprio

Joining his hands with, DiCaprio attempts to inculcate a safe stand towards the treatment of the Jaguar species by the human community, in order to ensure a safe and healthy co-existence of both.

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