“THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW” Season 5 is finally coming out!!!

The Eric Andre Show will return to Adult Swim for its fifth season next month, to be exact on October 25. Co-host Hannibal Buress is set to return to the series, though a press release notes that this season will feature him “quitting” the show, as well as the birth of his clone, Blannibal.

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Eric had also shared his new look at Instagram describing as “SEASON 5 of THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW is finally coming out!!! October 25 @adultswim What do you think of my new look?”.


It’s been a long wait for a new season of the absurdist talk-show deconstruction — which features Andre as the deranged master of ceremonies and Hannibal Buress as the on-his-own-page co-host as season 4 wrapped up all the way back in October 2016.

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Andre said in an interview that he shaved his head, put on 20 pounds, and “sat in many tanning beds” in preparation, describing his look as “this weird Uncanny Valley version of myself”.

Eric Andre
Eric Andre

He confirmed that the season would again feature pranks on the show’s guests, stating, “We would very reluctantly or not at all tell the celebrity guests the name of the show so that they’d just come in blind”.

Filming of season 5 was finished just before the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020

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