The Farewell Shares a Close to heart Relation Ship between a granny and granddaughter

The Farewell is an American Comedy Drama ( 2019 ) which is written and directed by Lulu Wang, a story inspired from her own Life…

Starring Awkwafina Tzi Ma Diana Lin Zhao Shuzhen Lu Hong Jiang Yongbo in lead roles.

Family Bondage, Close Relationships, Hearty Sentiments are the core element in the Film.

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It is nicely written and presented magnificently before audiences that’s why it’s rated high.

Awkwafina magnetic performance is the gem of the film.

The film shows the Chinese-American writer Billi (Awkwafina) maintains a close relationship with her grandmother.

Later she discovered the Truth That her parents are suffering From Terminal Lung Cancer and the diagnosed results showing that they have only some days Life left. Also, they are hiding this from Granny, so as not to miser her with this deadly information.

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The film deals with close affection of granny with granddaughter through an enjoyable presentation the granddaughter Billi is an anti socialistic in nature, her world is only her family.

Definitely, this film is a visual family treat to all who loves their root and their family more.

This film also explains the migration of a family from China to America by leaving their real roots.

lulu wang
lulu wang

The Farewell is loaded with fun, entertainment and with a tint of nostalgia in it.

Reviews are Compelling us to watch The Farewell.

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