The ‘Game of Thrones’ fame ‘Emilia Clarke’ speaks about her latest obsession with Jenny Diski’s articles!

COVID-19 still continues to exert its riveting grip over the human species. For the past one year, the entire human folk had been grappling with the traumatic affairs of lock down and quarantine.

Many found out that books are a best mode of escapade to ward off all those negative vibes during the phase of lock down. Here’s the Game of Thrones fame ‘Emilia Clarke’ speaking about her favorite mode of evading the wounding episode of lock down. ‘Reading,’ she says has infused a new lease of life to beat off the harrowing experiences of the pandemic crisis.

Being the most bubbly and unique of all, Emilia Clarke is always known and appreciated for her peculiar manners of dealing with the most ecstatic as well as painful experiences of life. Recently she literally gave an electrifying shock by sharing her exhilarating experience on jumping off the plane during her birthday. Also, her philanthropist outlook towards life prompted her to take part in reading the iconic work The Real Inspector Hound in the lock down theater, which was well received by her fans!

Of late, the actress has caught her hands on something new! She recently took to her Instagram post to share something interesting about her latest obsession with a collection of essays by the author Jenny Diski! After all, what made Clarke go gaga over Jenni Diski? Well, here’s what she has got to say!\

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Emilia Clarke reflects on her new experience reading Jenny Diski!

“Ok so many many books have been read this lockdown and many are already being praised and seen but this is one I stumbled upon and cannot recommend highly enough! A collection of Jenny Diski’s articles, which are funny, heartbreaking, insightful and wise, if you like beautiful writing to cheer up the same 4 walls you’ve been staring at, this is for you.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke

Why didn’t you just do what you were told by Jenny Diski I found it at @londonreviewofbooks but order from your local bookshop and keep them happy #escapetheworldforawhile,” posted the star.

emilia clarke and for sama

With her enchanting, beaming smile holding the book Why didn’t you just do What you were told? by Jenny Diski has given an energy booster for all her fans!

Hurry up guys, go grab your copy, lets not waste our time. Who knows, we might get a golden chance to sparkle our teeth like Emilia Clarke. After all, her smile is one of a kind!!

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