‘The Last Dance’ Michael Jordan 57, vows he never had ‘Gambling Problem’

Michael Jordan never had a gambling problem, despite which a story ostensibly being narrated that lead to a big controversy. Latter in the Last Dance, he admitted what the real fact is.

The most significant controversies NBA icon Michael Jordan, faced of his career- his gambling, he admitted in ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary on May 3. MJ’S attachment towards wagers has always led to a topic of discussion in his career. And it became a public controversy once he was in Atlanta City with his father, the late James R. Jordan Sr- The same night Michael and his Chicago Bulls lost their Game 2 of 1993 match NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

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“My father said, ‘Let’s get away from New York City. Let you and I go to Atlantic City.’ We got a limo,” Jordan recollect, “ We went and gambled for a couple of hours, we came back. Everybody went ballistic, ‘ Hey, he was in a casino last night,” It wasn’t late, We got home by 12.30. 1 o’clock.” he asserted, although the media reported a different story.

Michael Jordan, whose ‘dream jersey’ was sold for $2,16,000, enjoyed gulf outing and card games, where he had a wager with friends. Which couldn’t do any harm to him, was very much dedicated to his career: image and reputation. Simultaneously Richard Esquinas, further general Manager of the San Deigo Sports Arena, alleged that MJ owed him $1.2 million over a bet.

facts about Michael Jordan
facts about Michael Jordan

Later Jordan said in the doc addressing Richard Esquinas’ comments – “We met from a third party, you know I’m playing golf with people all the time now. And if they want to gamble, we gamble, The character of those individuals I find out later, what kind of people I was playing with, I learned that lesson. But the act of gambling? I didn’t; do anything wrong.”

The NBA commissioner David stern even revealed that he didn’t find Michaels’s actions for him to arbitrate.

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