The Net Worth of ‘The Sopranos’ actors shall surprise you!

Its been nearly a decade and more since the HBO classic, ‘The Sopranos’ went off of the air. But it still continues to spread its wings and charisma among the HBO viewers and now that seems to be anxious to know about their favorite stars in the show and their net worth. Here’s some interesting truths about the net worth of ‘The Sopranos’ actors.

1. Steven Van Zandt – $80 Million

It might be quite surprising to note that Steven Van Zandt, who is a supporting actor of the show is the actor who is paid a highest amount of $80 Million! Though he is a supporting actor, it seems that he probably has got an upper hand in determining the progression of the show.

The Net Worth of 'The Sopranos' actors
The Net Worth of ‘The Sopranos’ actors

2. James Gandolfini – $70 Million

It is indeed a matter loss to get adjusted with the truth that the legendary actor James Gandolfini is no more. However, it is astonishing to note that even in death he is ranked as one of the most highly paid actor of the show. Known as a prominent anti-hero character his acting versatility is massive and unequalled.

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3. Edie Falco – $40 Million

Edie Falco
Edie Falco

Playing Carmela Soprano, a signature role in ‘The Soprano’, Edie Falco is probably the female actress to amass a great and cumbersome amount of $40 Million. A worthy amount for her unique acting capability.

4. Lorraine Bracco – $24 Million

As Tony’s moralistic therapist Jennifer Melfi, Lorraine Bracco brought a refreshing and endearing heart to the normally harsh and gritty realities which The Sopranos presented.

In real life, the former Emmy and Golden Globe nominee has garnered prestigious respect among Hollywood circles and among her fans that is worth $24 million.

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5. Michael Imperioli – $20 Million

Michael Imperioli
Michael Imperioli

The dynamics of limelight and the world of filming has been a great challenge to Michael Imperioli. Having thrown out of the set during the first days of his career as an actor his struggles to set his foot in the doorsteps is beyond our imagination. In such a scenario, he used his role in ‘The Sopranos’ as a trump card to prove his acting adaptability, receiving a net worth of $20 Million!

6. Drea De Matteo – $15 Million

Drea De Matteo
Drea De Matteo

There is far more to Drea de Matteo than her Emmy winning role as Christopher’s girlfriend. Not just because she’s remembered for many other roles (including Detective Nazario in Shades of Blue, Angie in Desperate Housewives, or Wendy in Sons of Anarchy), but because her resumé stretches farther than her acting career, including once owning her own clothing store.

7. Dominic Chianese – $15 Million

Dominic Chianese
Dominic Chianese

Known for his eponymous role in ‘The Godfather II,’ the 89 year old actor Dominic, who plays the character of Uncle Junior in ‘The Sopranos’ has amassed a wealth of $15 Million. But the interesting fact lies in the surprise that he received above this $15 Million and its nothing else than the Ellis Island Medal of Honor!

8. Jamie-Lynn Sigler – $12 Million

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Though there is no news available about the current status of Jamie after ‘The Sopranos’ she has also made it to the field of lime lights with a worth of $12 Million.

9. Tony Sirico and Robert Iler – $10 Million

Tony Sirico and Robert Iler
Tony Sirico and Robert Iler

Having a tie of $10 Million, both these actors are well acknowledged for their historic roles in the show.

Prior to becoming an actor, he was a real-life gangster in his own right, having been arrested on nearly 30 different occasions, often for robbery.

While his character may not have been near as highly favored or beloved as his onscreen father, Robert Iler still made the character of AJ Soprano into a fully realized, believable (albeit, easily hated) character.

Their net worth remains the lowest mostly because both retired from the acting industry.

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