The official release date of ‘After We Fell’ is finally out now! Here’s When and Where to watch

To strike a purple patch within days of release isn’t an easy enterprise. But with the release of its first two franchises titled ‘After’ and ‘After We Collided’, the ‘After’ series, based on the novel by Anna Todd has proved itself to be one such authentic and incalculable success. The recent release of the second franchise ‘After We Collided’ on October 23rd narrating the twists and turns in the kinky love story of Tessa and Hardin has won many hearts. The official Instagram page of the movie has been endless in tracking the records of the fan favorite moments from ‘After We Collided’ which seems to be heart throbbing and high spirited in all sense. Now what next?

A few days after the release of ‘After We Collided’,the cast and production team came up with the announcement of restarting the shooting process for the third franchise ‘After We Fell’. This news caused the scaling up of hopes in the ‘Afternators’ to reach its zenith. Now they are twiddling their thumbs to know more about the release date and further updates about the upcoming franchise of ‘After Series’. Well, the wait is over for the ‘Afternators’. The official release date of ‘After We Fell’ is finally out now. Read out for more updates.

Hardin and Tessa in 'After We Fell'
Hardin and Tessa in ‘After We Fell’

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As far as the recent report says that the filming wrapped on not only the third but also the fourth franchise titled ‘After Ever Happy’ of the upcoming sequels on December 18. The official After Instagram account confirmed the news by posting Hero’s wrap speech online and trust us when we say that it will give you all the feels. The cast had been hard at work shooting the third and forth movies back to back, so fans won’t have to wait too long to see them come out.

‘After We Fell’ Trailer and Release date!

However, there’s no news from the crew about the exact release date of ‘After We Fell’ yet. Also, coming to the trailer, there’s no real way of telling when footage for ‘After We Fell’ will be available online. For now, you can watch the first film ‘After’ as well as the second ‘After We Collided’ on Netflix. This means you have to wait a bit more to watch the upcoming sequels in cinemas.

Since the movie is based on the novel series, the possible plot will definitely stand in tantrum with the written story.

“Just as Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about first her family, and then Hardin’s, throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard-won future together more difficult to claim.

Hardin and Tessa united in 'After We Fell'
Hardin and Tessa united in ‘After We Fell’

Tessa’s life begins to come unglued and is at the verge of sabotage.Tessa knows Hardin loves her and will do anything to protect her, but there’s a difference between loving someone and being able to have them in your life. This cycle of jealousy, unpredictable anger, and forgiveness is exhausting. She’s never felt so intensely for anyone, so exhilarated by someone’s kiss—but is the irrepressible heat between her and Hardin worth all the drama? Love used to be enough to hold them together. But if Tessa follows her heart now, will it be…the end?”

Well, we shall hopefully get a glimpse about the further events in the lives of Hardin and Tessa. Keep your eyes on this space for updates to the cast and more as and when they are announced.

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