The ‘Outlander’ Fame Sam Heughan launched a new brand of ‘Sassenach Spirits’ on ‘International Scotch Day’!

‘Sassenach Spirits’ by the ‘Outlander’ fame Sam Heughan has been recognised as one of the top most Scotch brands, cherished by all ‘Scotch’ lovers, right from its inception. Recently, the actor announced the launch of a brand new product of ‘Sassenach Spirits’ in association with ‘International Scotch Day’!

Sam Heughan, took to his Instagram post to introduce his fans to the pristine version of his Scotch brand ‘Sassenach Spirits,’ by sharing a throwback picture of his first bottle which got launched an year ago.

“internationalscotchday and throwback to seeing the first bottle of @sassenachspirits ! A year later and I’m so happy we are working towards our next North American release (soon!), now available in the uk and have multiple gold medals! As gold as the juice in the bottle! SLAINTE!,” posted the actor.

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Sam Heughan shared a throwback snapshot with his first bottle of ‘Sassenach Spirits’

The actor also added that one could easily get access to this adorable scotch in one’s own area and the more details are provided in the link beneath his bio.

'Outlander' Holiday Specials
‘Outlander’ Holiday Specials

Following this post came a huge load of appreciation from various celebrities like Ginger Zee, the chief Meteorologist on ABC, who commented that the product is her ‘favorite sip’, as well as Russell Tovey, who called the brand as ‘adorable’, to name a few.

Recently, Sam Heughan had flagged off his charity fundraising organisation ‘My Peak Challenge 2021,’ garnering worldwide support from many.

Way to Go!

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