The ‘Philanthropic face’ of the ‘Outlander’ fame ‘Sam Heughan’ is no longer a secret!

With his ardent dedication and wholehearted acting versatility, Sam Heughan, has managed to win the hearts of many over the past one year. Known for his eponymous warrior role in the epic historical drama ‘Outlander’, which is based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon, titled the same, Sam has created history. Many of us are pretty aware of the ‘actor’ face of the star, particularly from his role as ‘Jamie Fraser’ in Outlander. But only a few are acquainted with the ‘philanthropic face’ of Sam Heughan which is no longer a secret.

Recently the actor shared the news about the launch of ‘My Peak Challenge 2021,’ a global community which promotes safety, healthy existence of life on the planet. His philanthropic identity was visible in a crystal clear fashion through this very post. The actor encouraged an active participation of each and everybody out there, so as to pool in together for some good cause.

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“@mypeakchallenge MPC2021 launches February 1! Join our global community, challenge yourself to lead a healthier, more active life — whilst supporting our charity partners in the process. So far over 5Million dollars raised for good causes. It’s the best way to help yourself while helping others! Learn more at,” posted the actor.

Author Diana Gabaldon speaks about Jamie in Outlander Season 6
Author Diana Gabaldon speaks about Jamie in Outlander Season 6

‘Sam Heughan’ turns out to be a life saver!

Famous actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas backed his philanthropist mission by showering her love.

This particular charity organisation has its roots in 2015. Back in 2015, he founded My Peak Challenge, “a community dedicated to inspiring its members to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives while raising funds to change lives.”

New rival for Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 6
New rival for Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 6

The charity offers an annual fitness plan that “peakers” follow to challenge themselves and others. It seems that nowadays the organisation is at the fore, initiating charity activities and supporting the needy.

According to the latest news, his series ‘Outlander’ is behind the curtains , getting ready for yet another spine chilling battle, with the release of ‘Outlander Season 6’. The viewers of the series are grappling with the question whether their favorite pair Jamie and Claire shall attain fruition of their love in ‘Outlander Season 6’. Let’s wait and watch.

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