The Poetry Society of America honored Paul Simon and Alice Quinn

Right from the Poetry Society of America Paul Simon was honored. He is among the best singer-songwriter in America. This wonderful occasion was celebrated on Tuesday at the New York Botanical Garden. Simon and Alice Quinn became the guest of honor for that event. Alice Quinn is a former poetry editor at the New Yorker and Alfred. Alice Quinn was a long term poetry editor and they both were hand in hand in their long term career which lasted for decades. They both earned their name in a respectful manner among the loved ones. They both were applauded for their accomplishment and their love for language.

Watch the Music Performance of Paul Simon below:

Simon is extensively mentioned as the first songwriters to bring a deliberately literary sensibility to rock music. He was flattered by the Poetry Society of America, and then he was given the opportunity to celebrate the rest of the evening by reading a couple of poems and singing a few famous songs. He also asked the audience to join him on the chorus while a small background group joined him with jazz and Cajun music.

paul with guitar
paul with guitar

Alice Quinn is famous for the Sharon Olds, Edward Hirsch, and other similar famous poems. She is an assistant professor at the well-known Columbia University. From the year 2001, she was serving the poetry society but now she is stepping down from that prestigious position. She was highly praised by Tracy K. Smith. He was a famous Pulitzer Prize winner and famous U.S poet.

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Bravery being her major theme, she has reflected a lot about this thought in most of her poems.

Watch what Alice Quinn has to say on ‘Bravery’ below:

In the event, conducted by the Poetry Society of America, she praised Simon. He was being very supportive when it came to poetry. They meet several times in the Knopf office where his books were printed. Simon really appreciated works of Les Murray and W.S Merwin. Now at the age of 77, he decided to retire from this field. While announcing so his voiced shook at first but he stayed strong and dance to lighten the mood for all.

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