‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Exclusives:This is what the series has done to the viewers!

It’s been more than a month since the seven-episode Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has released. But the gravity of impact that it has exerted on the viewers is massive and matchless and still continues to persist in many. What makes the series so special? How has it influenced the audience?

Hailed as a mesmerizing series based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, it revolves around Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), a shy little girl who, growing up at a Christian orphanage, takes to chess like a duck to water. She is taught the rules of the game by the orphanage’s janitor Mr. Shaibel (Bill Camp), and proves to possess an uncanny knack for the game.

The Queen's Gambit
The Queen’s Gambit

After being adopted by a childless couple, she begins taking part in mostly male-dominated chess tournaments and soon becomes the talk of the town, and later, the country. In these tournaments, she easily destroys her unsuspecting opponents, who more often than not underestimate her due to her gender.

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She is eventually defeated by the Russian Grandmaster Vasily Borgov (Marcin Dorociński), a much older fellow who has been in the field for a long time and was similarly a child prodigy. However, her excessive drinking and addiction becomes a tougher rival for her than Borgov. Her addiction has seeds in tranquillisation pills she and other children were forced to consume at the orphanage, and it is only made worse by the fact that Beth has been a loner for most of her life and this in turn affects her career as well which somehow she manages to mend in the long run.

This is what 'The Queen's Gambit' has done to its viewers
This is what ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has done to its viewers

‘The Queen’s Gambit’: A Feminine celebration of Chess!

Spinning around the world of Chess, a mind-brain game, the series sows the seeds of passion for Chess and its enchanting world. According to the reports of CNN the series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has caused an upsurge in Chess which has benefited the crafts economy with a massive paradigm shift in the production and sales. As per the statistics report, the craft sites has witnessed a 364% of search for chess items. The sales of chess sets went up by 87% in the US and sales of books about chess leaped 603%, according to marketing research company NPD Group. This is how a fictional story about an orphaned Kentucky girl in the 1960s who becomes a chess champion during her teen days has influenced the viewers in a positive light.

The universally controversial idea of an ‘independent woman’ is something else that has been fulfilled by the series. The pain and struggle faced by a loner, especially if its a woman is skillfully crafted through the character of Beth Harmon making the ‘impossible possible’. Also her wardrobe embellished with a wider panorama of fashion cuisine symbolizes and celebrates the freedom of her femininity, offering a glimmer of hope for the entire women community. The very title bestowing the ‘queen’ a titular role itself is an attempt to honor and centralize the idea of ‘women’.

Updates on 'The Queen's Gambit' fame 'Anya Taylor-Joy's new project with Scott Frank
Updates on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ fame ‘Anya Taylor-Joy’s new project with Scott Frank

However, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ also has its weak spots. The excessive addiction to alcohol and tranquilizers of the character Beth in the story has built up a chance for a negative impact upon the audience.

Thankfully the amateurs have not succumbed themselves to these flaws of the mini series since it has been successful in dragging their attention to the positives as the most part of it is centered on enthralling entertainment.

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